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Healing with Maria

Our Journey

This journey started at the very end of 2021. It’s somewhat close to home which isn’t in my capacity to share fully as it isn’t my story to tell. But as I struggled to find a way to get past what had become a nightmare, I knew the only way forward was creating awareness to help victims of sexually abused, drug abusers, child trafficking, domestic abused (and the list goes on) to tell their struggles and encourage others who are unaware of their struggles or too afraid to speak up.

Healing with Maria is very personal to me, and the project has taken over a year to come to reality. Earlier on in February 2022, I started my journey reaching out to various NGOs within the country (Nigeria) mostly Lagos. Most NGOs were forthcoming, and some had dismissed the idea immediately which was understandable. Frankly speaking most of the survivors are still very much fragile, as it’s such a very sensitive subject and most survivors aren’t strong enough/ healed completely to publicly share their past/current struggles.

I kept contacting different organisations both governmental/non-governmental organisations. The heart ache from hearing such events that occurred in most survivors’ lives were heart-breaking, too unrealistic to be true, but it was all real life events. We requested they come on my show and share their stories to individuals like themselves who might be going through same struggles to help them understand there’s always a reason to live.



We scheduled to start our shoot for the show mid-2022, but there were so many legal challenges along the way between my company MCB Entertainment and most NGO’s. However, giving up wasn’t an option because the end goal was to create awareness and end most forms of abuse that kill so many people ignorantly every day.

In August 2022, we started filming the first episode and it wasn’t all smooth. Nevertheless, we learnt along the way because, sharing survival stories isn’t for the weak.

The idea of having celebrity guests on the show came from having interviewed so many survivors and upon asking them personal questions as to what kept them motivated, most had iconic characters they looked up too. So, I started reaching out to a few of my celebrity friends and requested they come on the show to help admire the courage of these survivors and thank the celebrities in question for being just human enough to be an inspiration to most survivors in question.

By His grace we were able to film all season 1 and MCB Entertainment gladly presents to you, Healing with Maria. I do hope you feel inspired by these survivors who are not only brave for telling their struggles but also iconic for still having love and peace in their hearts to help others too.


Click on the links below to access season One of Healing with Maria.



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